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Red, white & budget news: This month’s wins for kids

Late at night on July 3, Governor Christie signed off on his last budget in office. After intense negotiation with legislative leadership, a $34.7 billion budget went into effect for fiscal year 2017-2018.

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Camden principal Dr. William Hayes on building relationships, school climate + teamwork

Dr. William Hayes, the second-year principal at East Camden Middle, knows it isn’t going to be easy—but it would be hard to tell being around him. Walking around East Camden, now in its second year as a renaissance school (partnerships between charter schools and the Camden City School District), Dr. Hayes walks with a casual ease that might make you think the job of running a school is a breeze. Much of that is likely due to Dr. Hayes’ upbringing though; he hails from the south after all, born and raised in Hartsville, SC. A hometown with less than 10,000 people where half the town is black and nearly a quarter of the population below the poverty line, it would be easy to see how Dr. Hayes might feel at home here in Camden. So as we walked East Camden Middle, you can see the ways that the school has already taken after the leader’s demeanor: calm, thoughtful and social.