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The long walk

Before we moved to the nearby Ewing suburb outside of Trenton, NJ, my younger sister and I often walked home from school back to the rowhome we lived in. Those walks, about a five-block trek from Bethany Lutheran School, the small private school we attended, was about 5 blocks from our rowhome in Trenton. The nearest neighborhood school was Stokes Elementary; I know this because Stokes was on our path home every time we walked. It was two blocks from our house, and on warm days when we all walked home, those kids would join us on the sidewalk, seemingly matching my sister and I stride for stride.

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A city invincible.

Growing up in Trenton, I didn’t understand why things were the way they were. Why we avoided the schools there growing up. Why the poorest parts of town had the most people that looked like us.  So I know Camden even though I’m not from Camden.