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Vision Guide & Guiding Stars Part 2: Excellence

We’re spending the whole month of February on our blog unveiling the four guiding stars in our Vision Guide: excellence, equity, options, and innovation. What are the guiding stars, and why are they important? What is JerseyCAN doing to implement this value in our state, and how have we been successful?

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FAQ: How to Fix New Jersey’s Graduation Problem

Q: Problem? What problem? New Jersey has a law that requires students to take a graduation test to earn their diploma.  The name and content of this test has changed and evolved over time.  Currently, regulations require that students take the English Language Arts 10 (ELA10) and Algebra I PARCC test for graduation.  Recently, the Appellate Division determined that these tests went beyond the scope of the law and invalidated the regulations (i.e the rules that implement the law).