In partnership with America Succeeds, we are so excited to start 2019 off with the Age of Agility Summit!

We live in a time of rapid technological change, which can inspire both excitement and anxiety. Innovation offers great possibilities, but it also means that the modern workforce requires new knowledge, skills and habits.

We have a responsibility to prepare all New Jersey kids for the jobs of tomorrow. How can our education system rise to these challenges and opportunities? How can our schools become more flexible, innovative and agile? It will certainly be complex, and will require energy, collaboration and creativity. And we think this event is a wonderful opportunity for all of the above!

Age of Agility will bring business leaders, education experts, and policymakers together to strategize for this changing workforce. It will offer:

We invite you to come, network, plan and learn with us on Wednesday, January 9, 2019!

Register here!

For more information on the shifting education-to-employment pipeline, read America Succeeds’ excellent report here.


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