On February 21, 2020, John Mooney from NJSpotlight.com reported the charter association and families seek to join ongoing litigation over funding for needy school districts.

Debate over the place of charter schools in the Abbott v. Burke litigation concerning the state’s obligation to fund school construction in needy districts ramped up yesterday, as the charters’ association put out a report that said the sector itself had close to $1 billion in school construction needs.

“There is an unmet need for school construction funding across the State, largely in our cities and this includes real needs for public charter and renaissance schools,” said Patricia Morgan, executive director of JerseyCAN.

“Currently, public charter and renaissance schools are serving nearly one in five students in the poorest communities across New Jersey,” she said. “These schools are a vital part of the education fabric in our urban areas, and as such, their facilities needs have to be addressed.”

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