It was two years ago when we published our first ever State of Education report. In fact, it was the very achievement gaps and trends we noted in our original report that prompted us to launch JerseyCAN in the first place.

Today, two years of school later, those concerns have not gone away. Some progress has been made, but stark achievement gaps remain between low-income students and their wealthier peers and between white students and students of color. We must continue to raise the bar for all students.

Our numbers as a state may look strong in the aggregate, but those of us living and working here every day see the real inequities across and within districts, especially in those where few high quality schools exist. This report aims to provide some basic data and trend information that demonstrates how pervasive these achievement gaps are across the state.

Read on to find out how New Jersey is serving its students – and what we have left to do to give every student a high-quality education!

Publish date: May 2015 Number of pages: 57