In the movement for great New Jersey schools, we talk often about where the education system stands (our starting point), and where it should be (our destination). We know our kids deserve better than the status quo, which is failing to prepare many of our young minds for the world after 12th grade and often leaves behind the neediest students. In fact, our kids deserve more than “better.” Our kids deserve the best.

Thanks to volumes of research and a sharpening focus on the critical role that education plays in the success of communities small and large, we even know how the “best” can look: engaged kids, involved families, effective teachers, strong school leaders, vibrant and innovative classrooms, high standards, preschool and more.

But how do we get there?

These publications, New Jersey Schools: A Framework for Excellence and New Jersey Schools: A Framework for Excellence—Short-Term Goals together provide a seven-to-10-year perspective on improving schools and outline changes in education policy that are critically needed to boost student achievement, narrow the state’s disturbing achievement gaps and raise the bar for all kids. All of these reforms are intended to benefit students across the state, but in some cases are most sorely needed in persistently struggling districts and schools.

Think of these complementary documents as a map toward real, sustainable and positive change.

Publish date: December 2013 Number of pages: 27