TRENTON, NJ—Janellen Duffy, Executive Director of JerseyCAN, Muhammed Akil, Executive Director of the Parent Coalition for Excellent Education and Shelley Skinner, Executive Director of the Better Education Institute released a joint statement today in support of the N.J. Department of Education’s recent decision on charter school closures:

“Public charter schools in New Jersey are subjected to high standards for performance and operations, and a school closure represents the ultimate measure of accountability. The steps taken to ensure public charters schools are academically, operationally, and fiscally sound should give the community—and most importantly parents—confidence that their children are receiving an excellent education.  While charter schools are given flexibility to innovate and create unique opportunities for students, that flexibility comes with rigorous oversight to ensure students are successful. Despite attempts to spread misinformation about charter school accountability, it is abundantly clear they are held to the highest standards.

“While we applaud this accountability, it is also imperative that the families impacted by these decisions gain access to other high quality school options as quickly as possible to minimize disruption.   Families impacted by the closures in Newark should contact the Family Support Center at or visit at 301 West Kinney St. in Newark. Families in Camden should contact the Camden Enrollment Center at (856) 536-3999 or or visit at 201 North Front St. in Camden.”




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