TRENTON, NJ—Today, Janellen Duffy, Executive Director of JerseyCAN: The New Jersey Campaign for Achievement Now, released the following statement on the announcment of legislation creating the State School Aid Funding Fairness Commission:

“JerseyCAN is focused on ensuring that all students across the state attend excellent schools; equitable school funding is critical to reaching that goal. The School Funding Reform Act of 2008 (SFRA) was originally designed to redistribute aid in a fairer manner, but budget and political constraints have prevented the State from fully implementing the SFRA. Bold leadership from Senator Sweeney and the co-sponsors on this bill will bring about more equitable school funding.

“For students across New Jersey and the long-term economic well-being of state, it is imperative to undertake real reforms that move us toward a sustainable and fairer system for school funding. We look forward to working with state leaders on policy solutions that serve our students in the most equitable way possible.”

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JerseyCAN: Launched in 2012, JerseyCAN: The New Jersey Campaign for Achievement Now is a nonprofit organization that advocates for a high-quality education for all New Jersey kids, regardless of their address. We help create learning environments that best meet every child’s needs by focusing our work on starting earlier, expanding choices, aiming higher, cultivating talent and reaching everyone.


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