JerseyCAN ranks schools in key areas so parents can compare schools to one another. We use these public school rankings to generate Top 10 Lists, which show the top-performing schools in five different areas:

  • Student performance
  • Low-income student performance
  • Black student performance
  • Latino student performance
  • Performance gains*

Each subgroup’s performance score is an average of their reading and math proficiency at the highest tested grade level in that school.

In order for a school to be on the Top 10 list for a major subgroup (low-income, black or Latino), the student body it serves must reflect the statewide student demographics for that subgroup. For example, Latinos represent 23 percent of New Jersey’s population. For a school to be on the Top 10 list for Latino student performance, therefore, at least 23 percent of its students must be Latino.

The statewide student demographics for all subgroups are as follows:
35% = Low-Income
16% = Black
23% = Latino

Publish date: May 2014