Over the course of one year, New Jersey Teacher Leader Policy Fellowship Participants (Fellows) will participate in four convenings to discuss the latest policy trends and issues in New Jersey education. They will expand their knowledge and understanding of local, state, and national governance, the roles of influential educational stakeholders, and the importance of teachers leaders taking part in advocacy for student learning and the profession.

In addition to engaging in high-quality professional learning and networking opportunities, Fellows will receive a $2,000 stipend for their commitment to this fellowship.

Convening Themes

Convenings will be rich with discussions and activities designed to expand participants’ knowledge and understanding around:

  • College & Career Readiness
  • Statewide Policy Topics & Their Impact on Local Contexts
  • Influential Stakeholders & Teacher Leadership in New Jersey
  • Advocacy for the Future

Convening Formats

Depending on the current state of allowable meeting size and format in New Jersey, convenings will be either virtual or in-person and will run approximately 2 – 4 hours each.

We are passionate about the goals of this fellowship because we believe that:

  1. Practicing classroom teachers are a critical stakeholder in advising and influencing the mission and vision of education organizations.
  2. Practicing teachers must be informed and knowledgeable about education systems and policies in order to actively and effectively engage in advocacy to benefit student outcomes.
  3. Teacher leadership, or the ability for teachers to influence colleagues and the profession while maintaining classroom responsibilities, will keep great teachers in classrooms where they can have the biggest impact on student outcomes. Teacher leadership also allows practicing teachers to meaningfully contribute to the development and implementation of education policy.

The application for the 2020 Teacher Leader Policy Fellowship is now closed. If you are interested in future work, please submit this Educator Interest Form and we will be in touch about upcoming events and opportunities.

Educator Interest Form

About We Raise New Jersey

We Raise New Jersey is a diverse coalition of New Jersey organizations and associations that are united in our belief that New Jersey students need and deserve a world-class education to effectively compete and succeed in our rapidly changing world. Our coalition is led by African American Chamber of
Commerce, JerseyCAN, New Jersey Business & Industry Association, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation, New Jersey Charter Schools Association, New Jersey Council of County Colleges and New Jersey PTA, and organizes the power of each member organization into a collective voice to advocate for high quality academic standards and aligned assessments, and to ensure that every child is prepared for college, career, and active citizenship in our communities.

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About JerseyCAN

JerseyCAN is a nonprofit organization that advocates for high-quality educational opportunities for all New Jersey students, regardless of their address. JerseyCAN works in partnership with education leaders, parents, students and other stakeholders from across the state to remove policy barriers and create new proactive policy measures. JerseyCAN has secured key policy wins that have advanced its mission including more equitable school funding, growth in the number of high-quality new schools in our state—particularly in Newark and Camden—and high standards and aligned assessments. Part of JerseyCAN’s strength as a leader and convener in the education landscape is because of the leadership of our 11-member advisory board; since its inception in 2013, the JerseyCAN board has been co-chaired by former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean and Ann Borowiec, former CEO, J.P. Morgan Private Banking.

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