[New Jersey – February 2, 2023] The New Jersey Public Charter School Association announced this morning that the New Jersey Department of Education awarded the approval of 11 expansions to ​deserving public charter schools in the state, providing thousands of students currently on waiting lists the freedom to enroll in the public school of their choice.  Specifically, the state will now offer 2,299 additional charter seats out this year of the 2,937 seats requested, a 78% approval rate.

The following is a statement from JerseyCAN Executive Director Paula White:

JerseyCAN is thrilled with the Murphy Administration and the NJDOE’s plan to allow for the expansion of high-performing public charters in New Jersey and we specifically want to congratulate parents across the state who have fought so hard to receive strong and equitable public schools in their communities and school districts.

This week, we began celebrating Black History month, and as an African American woman, I am struck by the implications and magnitude of these charter expansion decisions. They will ensure that more Black and brown children throughout New Jersey are able to receive a stronger public education, which we know affects every facet of life – from income potential to civic participation, health outcomes and so much more.

Since its inception ten years ago as the only statewide advocacy organization in New Jersey committed to ensuring access to high-quality public schools for every child, JerseyCAN stands on the belief that strong public schools in every part of the state must be our highest priority, regardless of a child’s zip code, cultural background, and socioeconomic status. To accomplish this goal, decisions regarding public education must be made by evaluating the facts and putting the best interests of our kids and our families first.

Today, the Murphy Administration not only did the right thing but showed its commitment and dedication to the needs of all our families throughout the state. We thank the Governor and the Department of Education immensely for prioritizing the futures of children in their decision-making process, and look forward to continued partnership in the future.

Paula White is the executive director of JerseyCAN.


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