By Patrick Laver at New Jersey 101.5

A survey of about 400 parents of New Jersey school children conducted by the nonprofit JerseyCAN revealed some of the particular ways those parents believe their kids’ education can be improved as the COVID-19 pandemic appears to wane.

However, further focus groups and polls may be needed to specify the changes parents want to see made to the Garden State’s educational structure overall, according to JerseyCAN senior advisor Janellen Duffy.

What parents told JerseyCAN was not surprising, Duffy said, but she added it was encouraging to have them articulate some of the things they feel their children need.

“They want to see more instructional time, they want to see more tutoring, just overall greater academic supports for their students,” Duffy said.

In the poll, a wide majority (80%) of parents felt statewide testing was still important, as just over 4 in 10 (41%) believed their kids had fallen behind in math during the pandemic, and slightly less than 3 in 10 (29%) said the same about reading.

New Jersey worked hard to close the “digital divide” when learning went remote, but Duffy said the lessons the state learned from bringing underserved communities up to speed need to be maintained going forward…

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