On Sept. 4, 2018, New Jersey 101.5 ran a piece by State House Bureau Chief Michael Symons on adjustments made by Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration to teacher’s annual evaluations. The article cited JerseyCAN:

Patricia Morgan, executive director of the education-reform advocacy group JerseyCAN, wasn’t surprised by Murphy’s move but was surprised by the rationale, given that year-over-year student proficiency on the PARCC has been growing.

“Student growth on assessments is the only objective measure used in teacher evaluation,” said Morgan, who was an assistant education commissioner for part of Gov. Chris Christie’s term. “So the reduction of mSGP to 5 percent in a teacher’s overall evaluation essentially eviscerates the only objective measure in teacher evaluation, so this is a really troubling development.”

“It’s a real step back for families and parents who want a real objective measure on how their schools are performing,” Morgan said.

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