By Kaitlyn Tatulli at Tap into TV

Patricia Morgan, Executive Director of JerseyCan, a company focused on creating lasting changes for New Jersey students, spoke with TAPinto TV’s Brian Brodeur about the academic slide brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey.

JerseyCan’s study, “A Time to Act,” examined diagnostic fall assessments of 18,000 students across fifteen schools, grades three to eight. “We felt it was important to look across the state of New Jersey, use real New Jersey students, real New Jersey data, to understand the impact of COVID across our state to help our education recovery for our students,” Morgan said.

Unfortunately, the study’s results were alarming. During the fall of 2020, students lost 30% of learning in English and 36% of learning in Math. In addition, the study reports that since the pandemic began, 143,000 New Jersey students fell behind grade level in English, and 129,000 NJ students fell behind grade level in Math.

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