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The fight for great New Jersey schools starts with the facts. Read our inaugural 'State of New Jersey Public Education' report!

  • What exactly is the Urban Hope Act?  And what does it mean for kids in Camden and throughout the state?  Find out now!

  • The voices for preschool expansion are louder than ever, which is why we are so excited to share JerseyCAN’s newly released infographic! It summarizes some of the major takeaways from the preschool expansion discussion happening now in the Garden State.

  • Our special guest lecturer over at Best Foot Forward has you covered. 

From The Blog

  • by Tafshier Kim Cosby

    It’s back to school season in Newark, and for some elementary and middle schools the 2016 school year is already set in motion. High schoolers are getting a few weeks reprieve and extra sleep time before they have to be engaged. Parents are excited to have their babies back in the learning environment and YES—out of the house!

    I attended a back-to-school event at my son’s school last week, and was surrounded by parents who are eager to get involved. I am reminded that this is the time of year when parent involvement is at its peak.

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Launched in March 2013, JerseyCAN: The New Jersey Campaign for Achievement Now is a nonprofit education organization that advocates for all students across the state to have access to high-quality schools.  Our goal is to ensure that students across New Jersey graduate from high school ready to enroll and succeed in college and their careers.  We work to advance policies and programs that will positively impact students statewide--especially those with the greatest needs--with a particular emphasis on students in Camden and Newark.


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  • New Jersey suffers from one of the largest achievement gaps in the country. To address this most urgent issue, we need multiple partners pushing strongly for evidence-based reform that will yield the best results for students. JerseyCAN is a new and critical partner in this work. The organization will help promote best practices from across the state and country and elevate the vision for what’s possible in New Jersey education.

    Kathleen Nugent, New Jersey State Director of Democrats for Education Reform
  • At NJ BAEO, we’re focused on making sure all children specifically from low-income and working class communities have access to high-quality educational options by supporting school choice policies.  To achieve this goal, we are proud to partner with a respected statewide education advocacy organization like JerseyCAN. We've worked together on a number of initiatives such as parent advocacy training classes and parent day at the State House in Trenton to make sure more parent voices are heard in the discussion about high-quality school options.

    Lavar Young, Newark City Director, Black Alliance for Educational Options