By Linh Tat, POLITICO 

On Feb. 15, 2019, Politico published an article on the Murphy administration’s recent agreement regarding the use of PARCCas a high school exit exam:

“Patricia Morgan, executive director of JerseyCan, and Shelley Skinner, executive director of Better Education for Kids, said in a joint statement to POLITICO that the compromise reached Friday lacks clarity on how to move forward with regulations that will align with state statutes and that the bill making its way through the Legislature is still needed.

‘There is not a test that currently exists that can be employed for current high school students that meets the interpretation of the current law,’ they said. ‘There is as much urgency now to move forward with legislation to provide clarity in the field today as there was before this compromise was reached. All this agreementdoes is create more unanswered questions.'”


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