We recently published a blog on summer learning resources. In it, we highlighted the research and concerns about summer learning loss, which can lead to students returning to school in the Fall unprepared for the work they will be expected to do.

While many of the ideas and resources in that blog work well while kids are at home, we know that the coming weeks mean travel and vacations for many families.

The good news is that learning can absolutely continue while you’re away from home! We’ve compiled some great ideas below, and we’d love to hear any additional tips you may have!

Family Vacations Have Long-Lasting Impact on Kids’ Happiness

-This brief piece can get you started by illustrating the benefits of vacations for kids –from positive memories to brain development!

4 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation

-This blog offers ideas on involving kids in the saving, budgeting and planning for a trip. Great for practicing life skills that can positively impact academic work, such as thinking ahead, making choices and prioritizing.

The 50 Most Educational Family Vacation Ideas

-For a comprehensive list of trip location suggestions, look here! Destinations include national parks, historical monuments and more. The list includes a wide range of locations, from Boston to Cincinnati to Monterey, California. You’re sure to find an option in your region.

4 Smart Cities to Plan a STEM-Themed Vacation & 10 Best Science Museums You Must Visit with Your Kids

-If you have a child interested in the STEM fields, these two guides offer cities, sites and activities for science lovers of all ages.

Best Historical Cities to Visit in the USA & 6 Great Getaways for Book Lovers

-Have your kids expressed their favorite subject? Are they history buffs or book lovers? A trip to these cities could increase their interest and passion.

Whether your family is staying local or traveling the world this summer, your kids can come back to school refreshed and academically enriched. We hope you have a wonderful (and educational) summer!

Has a vacation helped your child learn? Did it inspire interest in a new subject, culture or language? What was your favorite family vacation? What did you learn?


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